Energised, positive, grounded and extremely busy!

I’m active in my community, I have a busy work and charity life and 5 energetic kids, which includes a baby and two teenagers! Tackling the daily mountain of demands whilst also finding ‘me-time’ and time for my wife is a constant challenge, but that ongoing challenge ensures I have to walk my talk as a top class leadership coach and time management expert.

After 20 years’ HR and Learning and Development experience, I now deliver transformational programmes, delivered online and in person, turning ordinary people into super-productive, high achievers, so that they create the life of their dreams, but without sacrificing the most important people in their lives.

I deliberately work across all levels of society because I’m passionate about unleashing the power of coaching to everyone regardless of their financial status. I work with the long term unemployed and ex-offenders, with schools at sixth form level, senior managers of large corporate organisations, business leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs.

I am the author of The Impact Code - Unlocking Resilience, Productivity and Influence and the creator of Menspace, a support group for male victims of domestic abuse.


1) Accept that there is no ONE key, there is no magic fix and no one has yet come up with one magic formula (if I happen to find one in future however, I'll be sure to brand it and make my millions). 

2) Live with an open mind, so that you're slow to judge, and open to new evidence, new ideas, new methods. Accept that what you believe to be true today could be proved to be utter rubbish tomorrow. 

3) Live proactively, nothing great was ever achieved by doing the bare minimum. Success is created by action, by doing new things, by experimenting, being decisive, taking part and volunteering your time. 

4) Live positively but remain grounded in reality. 

5) Identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn how they bless you and undermine you. Play to your strengths and focus on drawing them out, but don't ignore your weaknesses at the same time, they will always be with you, either watching from afar, or affecting your every move.

6) Serve others, it's great for the soul, it good for the world, it keeps you grounded, it creates strong networks of support and opens unexpected doors. 

7) Accept that life owes you nothing. You are entitled to nothing and anything you do have is a blessing and something to be grateful for, (which includes your 2G phone even though your mates have all got the latest iPhones!)

8) Accept that if you want something; you'll have to work hard for it, make difficult sacrifices and the road will be long, bumpy and stormy, but that's the deal - you can't avoid it.  

9) Make peace with the notion of failure. Celebrate your failures and pick them apart with a merry attitude, so that you learn how to do better next time. 

10) Focus on the important things, ignore the trivial, pick your battles wisely (which means, engage in some battles but walk away from others.) 

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